Gosch Auto

  Gosch Auto Group dealerships employ 625 people and generate hundreds of thousand of pages of deal docs, repair orders and others monthly. Many of these documents have 7 to 10 year retention cycles. As with many dealers, prior to deploying our electronic content management system (ECM), paper documents were stored on and off site.

Mobility Dynamics

Productivity needs and the proliferation of iPads, tablets and smart phones of all types are driving the growing demand for access to ECM systems and other line of business applications. In fact, mobile applications have gone beyond the “early adopter” stage and are in mainstream use by professionals worldwide. Studies show that 1/3 of all

Local Government

Cities and other local governmental organizations can be made more productive and efficient using our electronic content management (ECM) systems. City Clerks, Legal departments, Building and Safety, Public Works and departments of Water and Power can have their key documents available from one, cost effective system. Typical Applications • Agenda, Meetings, Ordinance Management • GIS

Quality Assurance & Control

Quality Assurance and Control Departments are frequently the point of entry to an organization for ADocs. Organizations using statistical process control methods such as Sig Sigma and/or Lean Manufacturing techniques will generate significant amounts of paper and electronic documentation in support of the quality improvement and manufacturing process, particularly in mil-spec or aerospace markets. Manufacturing

Financial Services

Most financial services organizations such as local lenders, large banks and credit unions and other service providers have been early adopters of document imaging and electronic content management (ECM) systems. The tough regulatory and business environment in financial services is driving many organizations to upgrade and refresh their technology infrastructure for better compliance, risk management

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