Contracts Management

Having a complete 360 degree view into contracts is why Contract Management can be so problematic and costly Inbound contracts need to be reviewed and approved for a host of items not the least of which are quality requirements, applicable mil-specs, drawing reviews to establish revision levels and other reviews typical to inbound order processing. In many cases, prior to automation, inbound orders (which may contain dozens of pages) are copied and routed to members of the review process in sales, quality, engineering and manufacturing for a manual review. This process is costly in both time and materials. In addition, in many cases no one actually knows where the contract is in the review process or even who has it.

Automation is the answer for your contract review process. Whether your contracts come in as hard copy, email attachments or are even downloaded from a source such as Exostar, we can automate the review process, reducing costs and helping your organization be more competitive. Contracts are scanned or electronically imported to the ECM system and indexed. Using annotations, highlighting and signature stamps, the contract flows through your system electronically, eliminating all of the paper copy costs and a substantial amount of manual labor as well. Electronic workflow also means that management now has visibility into the contract review process in a manner not achievable with paper based system.

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