Legal & Compliance

Compliance with ever increasing and complex business rules and regulations can be daunting, even for smaller organizations. It spans across industries, locations, departments and roles. And, it’s a moving target. Rules and regulations change and evolve over time. But what’s the one thing that touches pretty much every kind of compliance – from SOX to ISO to HIPAA? Your documents.

Nearly every form of compliance has some type of documentation around it that must be recorded and retained. Plus, many must also follow specific processes and documented procedures. When an organization tries to manage compliance documents with file folders, email or network shares, they often regret it at audit time. Employees spend hours, days, even weeks, finding the documents requested and proving processes were followed.

Even worse, you might not be able to legally prove that formal procedures were followed; find incomplete files before they’re a problem or locate requested documents and you end up facing fines, legal repercussions or de-certification.

That doesn’t have to be the case. You can make your document-based processes and documentation retention more compliance-friendly, ease the burden on employees and help avoid the consequences of an audit gone bad.

With our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, every action and step in document processes is recorded with audit trails and document histories. A simple mouse-click shows when each user did what action and when, and you can prove that processes were followed as documented.

With our Records Management solution, organizations are able to manage a document by its life cycle from declaration to destruction and our Records Management solution provides you with the tools to certify the process and destruction dates.

By easing these parts of compliance, organizations facing audits – whether for financial (SOX, Frank-Dodd, PCI), operational (ISO, policies and procedures, continuous improvement initiatives) or regulatory (FDA, USDA, FERPA, HIPAA, 21CFR Part 11) audits – will conduct them more accurately and with less burden on employees.

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