Case Management

Case Management / Workview

ECM systems are document-centric applications that capture, store and manage your transactional scanned and electronic documents. Yet many, if not most business applications are data-centric. These solutions typically are met through the use of various spreadsheets, departmental databases and custom business applications. This host of applications are used in what is called Case Management. Examples of common case Management applications include Vendor Management, Contracts Management, various Human Resource applications, Facilities Management, IT Management to name a few.

OnBase by Hyland has created an innovative new product integrated with your ECM system that allows users to be more responsive to the needs of their organization by rapidly configuring lightweight business applications that facilitate case management. OnBase allows you to point-and-click configure, data-driven business applications that support case management and fill the gaps between your line-of-business systems. Minimizing the need for costly custom coding, inefficient shared spreadsheets and disconnected point solutions. Replace antiquated departmental databases, including Access and Lotus Notes, with applications that seamlessly connect data, processes and related documents. By building business applications on top of the comprehensive OnBase platform, you take advantage of robust native functionality (such as document management, automation and security controls) and enhance applications with the entire product suite. One platform scales to support a spectrum of applications across your organization, whether on-premises or in the OnBase Cloud.

OnBase Case Management provides your knowledge workers with a 360° view of their data sets including visual dashboards, data records, related document and process information. Best of all, Case Manager allows users to quickly deploy point-and-click configurable applications, eliminating custom code and support.

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