Human Resources

Human Resource departments manage a number of functions essential to the organization such as managing the new employee interview and hire process; on-boarding of new hires as well as working with employees daily concerning health care and other benefits. This can be one of the most paper and process intensive departments in any organization.

Studies by industry analysts such as AIIM, Gartner and Coopers & Lybrand tell us that knowledge workers will spend between 30% and 40% of their time looking for documents and files. The Occupational Outlook Handbook tells us that the median pay for an HR employee is $52,690 per year ($25.33 per hour). Assuming those rates, your HR staff could be expending as much as $ 21,076 per year simply searching for documents. That is cash you can recover via our automation systems. Here are some HR processes that are ideal candidates for process improvement:

  • Recruitment – with mobile technologies today, recruiters are able to track applications and other key data from a variety of field events and recruitment locations, real time, real data.
  • New employee on-boarding – from an application submitted to your website to new employee hire, document automation can help you save time and money. Utilizing our E-Form technology we can help you eliminate most standard, printed or purchased forms saving thousands annually. The real payoff happens where we couple the E-Forms with electronic workflow that routes documents to the hiring staff, creates new documents on the fly and shares key information with your existing line of business application such as PeopleSoft or Lawson.
  • Automated employee review process – employee reviews can be a troubling source of bottlenecks in the HR process and a source of complaint from employees and management alike. Based upon the employee review criteria for your organization, we can automate the review process, eliminating the process uncertainty and allowing HR to better manage organizational resources. Our workflow systems will help you manage the review process as never before. Managers have access to all of the content required for them to write the reviews and managers are automatically notified when reviews are due – and even overdue.

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