Records Management

Our Records Management solution differs from basic ECM systems in that it allows organizations who must store documents based upon a given life cycle or time frame, to formally manage the records. Unlike basic ECM systems, our Records Management solutions allows users to formally “declare” and store documents, based upon the document type and its retention cycle. Any document type may be stored as a record:

RM documents

Record management provides what is called defensible destruction of documents. All actions taken on a declared document, i.e. holds, locks, approvals and destruction are strictly managed such that the eventual disposal can be legally proven. All records from declaration to destruction are managed in specific RM folders that allow a number of activities to take place and the record management process can even be automated via electronic workflow. This automation for declared records can be managed by workflow rules configured to your specific documents based upon timers and notifications.

RM process 

Multiple destruction options allow for the following methods of record disposal:

Purge – complete destruction

Purge + History – destruction of record but history logs are maintained

Destroy – destruction of records, but keeps folder and records keywords allowing for future searches

Retain + Lock – keeps documents as permanent records but all records are locked and non-alterable

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