Records Management

Records Management Our Records Management solution differs from your basic ECM system in that it allows organizations who must store documents based upon a given life cycle or time frame, to formally manage the records. Unlike basic ECM systems, our Records Management solutions allows users to formally “declare” and store documents, based upon the document

Auto Retailing

Auto Retailing Auto Retailing Automobile retailing is one of the most paper and transaction intensive environments in our experience. And that makes it an ideal application for our electronic content management (ECM) solutions. Auto dealers also work with documents of unusual sizes. For example, a Deal Jacket can have dozens of pages of paper documents

Legal & Compliance

Legal & Compliance Compliance with ever increasing and complex business rules and regulations can be daunting, even for smaller organizations. It spans across industries, locations, departments and roles. And, it’s a moving target. Rules and regulations change and evolve over time. But what’s the one thing that touches pretty much every kind of compliance – from SOX to

Case Management

Case Management Case Management / Workview ECM systems are document-centric applications that capture, store and manage your transactional scanned and electronic documents. Yet many, if not most business applications are data-centric. These solutions typically are met through the use of various spreadsheets, departmental databases and custom business applications. This host of applications are used in

Human Resources

Human Resources Human Resource departments manage a number of functions essential to the organization such as managing the new employee interview and hire process; on-boarding of new hires as well as working with employees daily concerning health care and other benefits. This can be one of the most paper and process intensive departments in any organization.

Contracts Management

Contracts Management Having a complete 360 degree view into contracts is why Contract Management can be so problematic and costly Inbound contracts need to be reviewed and approved for a host of items not the least of which are quality requirements, applicable mil-specs, drawing reviews to establish revision levels and other reviews typical to inbound

Inbound Sales Orders

Inbound Sales Orders The processing of your inbound sales orders, from the mailroom to order entry and shipment, likely involves a substantial amount of manual labor associated with sorting, routing and data entry required just to get the order into your system. For some of our customers, this process may take days and be subject to defects

Quality Assurance & Control

Quality Assurance & Control Quality Assurance and Control Departments are frequently the point of entry to an organization for ADocs. Organizations using statistical process control methods such as Sig Sigma and/or Lean Manufacturing techniques will generate significant amounts of paper and electronic documentation in support of the quality improvement and manufacturing process, particularly in mil-spec or

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications Mobility Dynamics   Productivity needs and the proliferation of iPads, tablets and smart phones of all types are driving the growing demand for access to ECM systems and other line of business applications. In fact, mobile applications have gone beyond the “early adopter” stage and are in mainstream use by professionals worldwide. Studies