Mobility Dynamics

Productivity needs and the proliferation of iPads, tablets and smart phones of all types are driving the growing demand for access to ECM systems and other line of business applications. In fact, mobile applications have gone beyond the “early adopter” stage and are in mainstream use by professionals worldwide.

Studies show that 1/3 of all mobile users actually travel on a regular basis. The majority of users are knowledge workers who use their smart phones and tablets to work from home. And, about 2/3 of those users no longer use a laptop computer.

Cloud-based (on demand) software systems for everything from CRM to Invoice Automation and other line of business applications are providing access to data like never before. It’s no wonder that use of a smartphone or tablet has been shown to increase

Common Business Applications

The ECM systems we use at ADocs have been extensible to the mobile environment for some time now. Connecting humans with the data they need to do more with less is what our mobile technology is all about. Beyond simple remote access to documents in your secure repository, we can enable your knowledge workers to engage electronic workflow systems, on demand. Here are a few common business applications:

  1. Claims Management – Outside claims adjusters can spend as much as 40% of their time documenting claim related activity when they return to the office. Providing mobile access allows claims representatives to initiate, report on and follow up on claims already in the system.
  2. Financial Management – By extending our accounts payable automation to mobile users, CFO’s, Accounts Payable and other line Managers can now get real time access to the review and approval process from any location.
  3. Sales Management – Providing remote access to your CRM, such as, can really change the game for your field professionals. Elimination of hand written reports and client data can improve sales force productivity, improve customer service and give your sales force more face to face customer time.

These are simply a few of the most common applications of mobile technology. We encourage you to call us or click here to tell us more about your needs.

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