Inbound Sales Orders

The processing of your inbound sales orders, from the mailroom to order entry and shipment, likely involves a substantial amount of manual labor associated with sorting, routing and data entry required just to get the order into your system. For some of our customers, this process may take days and be subject to defects based upon lost or missing documents due to human error, potentially costing your organization thousands of dollars in delayed shipments.

Using our process automation tools, inbound sales orders would be scanned or electronically imported to the capture software sub-system. Here, the scanned images would undergo an optical character recognition (OCR) process. Key data values would be extracted and passed along to the electronic workflow system, where data would be validated and processed. Data that would otherwise require extensive hand keying into your line of business application would be released to your line of business application, with copies of all documentation sent to your ECM system for long term storage and retrieval.

Customer service representatives — Image by © Lou Cypher/Corbis








Savings of between 30% and 65% of your current costs are typical.

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