Integration with Student Information Systems (SIS) and other line of business software allows our ECM systems to help provide greater leverage and reduce costs associated with ever increasing amounts of paperwork supporting Admissions, Financial Aid and other key back office processes. Universities and Colleges are facing drastic challenges in staffing and budgeting. Our ECM solutions can help your staff accomplish more with less.

Typical Applications

• Admissions

• Financial Aid

• Registrar

• Community Colleges

• Trade and Technical Schools



School Districts (K-12)

School Districts are facing budgetary challenges as never before. As with the commercial sector, productivity counts and our ECM systems are helping. Here are some of the ways that our ECM and workflow systems can help you do more with less.

Typical Applications

• Student Files

• Student Health Records

• HR – employee files

• Financial – Payroll, Accounting, Benefits and legal


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