Quality Assurance & Control

Quality Assurance and Control Departments are frequently the point of entry to an organization for ADocs. Organizations using statistical process control methods such as Sig Sigma and/or Lean Manufacturing techniques will generate significant amounts of paper and electronic documentation in support of the quality improvement and manufacturing process, particularly in mil-spec or aerospace markets. Manufacturing certifications, travelers, job orders, internal and external product testing certifications and other mission critical documents (paper and electronic) can cause organizational inefficiencies and operating costs that are not sustainable. In addition, lost or missing documents may cause shipping or even customer payment holds that can be costly to rectify. Reliable industry sources such as AIIM, Gartner and Coopers Lybrand, tell us that 3% to 5% of all documents are lost or misfiled. Each misfile can generate recovery costs of $ 125 per document or more and lost documents can cost as much as $300 to $700 or more to replace. Members of quality departments can spend between 30% and 40% of their time looking for documents to support internal and external customers.

These excessive costs can be eliminated to a large degree utilizing our electronic content management (ECM) systems. We will spend time with your quality personnel to quantify your documents in terms of document type, volumes and need to scan back files. Based upon our discussion we can provide an ECM system that will meet your needs. Rapid return in investment (ROI) is the norm for these systems and we can help configure a system that you can afford. In Most cases we find that the organization is already spending the money in terms of paper and non-value added manual labor costs.

Our mantra at ADocs is to help our users Eliminate paper and paper-based processes, Integrate our document capture and ECM systems with your existing line of business applications and to Automate your business processes whenever possible. We’d like to show you how your organization can reduce process costs by 30% to 60%. Contact us today for free needs assessment.

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