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Concord Fax Online provides hosted fax capabilities with unparalleled reliability, security and speed. As a proven leader in the IP Fax industry we provide a comprehensive solution which includes operational support of fax without any capital investment. Concord Fax boasts true platform independence by integrating with any e-mail enabled application and making full use of existing IT infrastructure. Eliminate the expenses associated with fax servers and software, fax machines, supplies and maintenance.

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Across-the-board features, designed to meet the most demanding business
fax requirements, include:

  • International DID numbers and toll free numbers
  • Global fax delivery
  • Support for any email client
  • Concord Web services API
  • Comprehensive administrative and technical support
  • Custom integration for MS Outlook
  • Redundant, geographically distributed high availability network
  • Easy and quick to deploy across multiple locations, users, and platforms

Concord provides the highest level of service uptime in the hosted fax industry. Single points of failure are eliminated using a state of the art geographically distributed network that ensures continued high-availability for all our services even in the case of complete data center outage. Simply put, our high-availability cloud based fax network allows Concord’s services to be online, all the time.

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