Manufacturing & Distribution

In today’s ultra-competitive and increasingly regulated environment, companies in the manufacturing and distribution sectors face unique internal and external challenges. Organizations are challenged to empower their employees to do more with less as company goals increase while head count stays the same or decreases. Many of our manufacturing customers face enormous challenges simply managing ever increasing amounts of paperwork and documents such as work order, travelers, contracts, sales orders, materials certifications, test certifications and more. Regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley, Dodd-Frank, ISO and Six Sigma, Lean manufacturing, HIPPA and a manufacturingplethora of local and state regulations and requirements can create costly compliance issues. In most cases, internal and external audits are regularly performed and can be very expensive in terms of labor and time.

Common Business Applications

• Inbound Sales Order Automation

Contracts Review

CAD Integration

Quality Control; Certifications, Travelers, Job Orders

Financial : Accounts Payable Automation; AR; Expense Reports

• New Employee Hire and OnBoarding

• Internal & External Audits

• Engineering Change Notices (ECN) 

Change Orders (CO)

Material Safety Data Sheets

Our ECM solutions, configured to your specific needs and requirements will help you better manage your bottom line, even in flat economies. We achieve this via a combination of three critical initiatives:

Eliminate – the paperless organization may be a myth, but the less paper organization is a reality. By eliminating as much paper as possible, we achieve significant reductions in paper management systems and attendant non-value added labor costs.

Automate – once our ECM platform is in place, your current paper based processes can be eliminated as well. Substantial efficiencies are the norm as we implement electronic workflow systems that improve process efficiencies and employee productivity. Workflow automation also provides management with a level of visibility into a given system. No more wondering who has the file or folder and for how long. Electronic workflow provides a window into your process reality. Our customers recognize this as a strategic competitive weapon, especially since some 70% of their competitors are burdened with paper based systems and their attendant costs.

Integrate – all of our ECM solutions are designed for integration with other line of business applications such as Epicor, Lawson, SAP, Oracle, Dynamics, PeopleSoft, Sage MAS90 and others. This may be a simple as a hot key to a related document or the ability to push data into or pull data out of your ERP system.

Finally, all of our systems are designed to be easy to use, easy to implement and easy to support. Call us today to find out what we can do for you.

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