Manufacturing & Distribution

In today’s ultra-competitive and increasingly regulated environment, companies in the manufacturing and distribution sectors face unique internal and external challenges. Organizations are challenged to empower their employees to do more with less as company goals increase while head count stays the same or decreases. Many of our manufacturing customers face enormous challenges simply managing ever

Electronic Content Management (ECM)

Electronic content management (ECM) and related technologies lie at the heart of everything we do. We are experts in this industry and that allows us to help you find the best-fit solution for your needs in terms of ECM systems and related technologies such as document capture and electronic workflow. Our 4 Step consultative process

Electronic Workflow

When it comes to return on investment for electronic content management systems (ECM), nothing turns the productivity corner like electronic workflow. All of our ECM systems have a workflow component that allows us to do so much more than securely store organizational data and content. With our ECM platforms, as soon as the basic archives