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Document Capture, sometimes referred to as imaging, is the on ramp to your document management or ECM system. If you are new to the world of ECM, you might find yourself focused on the ECM system itself – document searching, retrieval and storage. Nevertheless all ECM platforms, including ours, require a means by which paper documents (and electronic files) are sorted, scanned, cleaned up and made ready for delivery to your ECM system.

All files brought into your ECM system require index information – called meta tags – to be attached to the document. This can generate a substantial amount of manual data entry absent other techniques. Fortunately, we can reduce and even eliminate manual data entry using a variety of tools that our capture products offer such as bar code cover sheets, zonal OCR and even extraction of data from the image. This is where we at ADocs bring our expertise to the table. We will help you work through your capture software needs based upon the following criteria:

Only after we have done careful needs analysis with you based on your unique business processes can we make the best-fit selection of capture software product. You can be assured that all of our capture software partners are leaders in their industry. Here are some of the capture solutions we offer:


Transactional Invoice Automation

BrainWare by Hyland has a long standing history in our marketplace of invoice automation software products. Ideal for organizations that process high volumes of invoices and many other documents. This product is often used as the data capture front end to a larger invoice automation process.

Transactional – General Business Processes

These products are used in a variety of industries and applications in health care, general business, manufacturing, government, finance and insurance to name a few:

BrainWare by Hyland – is a leader from day one of our industry and covers everything from entry level scanning to high volume batch scanning processes. BrainWare utilizes articificial intelligence to provide a state-of-the-art product. BrainWare identifies documents, applies data extraction rules and allows for validation or auto release to your document repository or workflow system.

Psigen – is a major player in the document and data capture marketplace. Suitable for the SMB and Enterprise level markets, Psigen offers PSICapture and PsiVault products.


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