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At ADocs, business process improvement is in our DNA. Our company was started to bring affordable document management and business process improvement to the widest possible number of organizations. Our commitment is to provide out users with systems and services that help them do more with less, decrease costs and improve bottom line results.

Our corporate mantra is: Eliminate…Automate…Integrate


In all cases, we will work with you to eliminate as much paper as possible in your business. The paperless office may never be reality, but the less-paper business certainly is. Our customers save thousands of dollars each year by reducing the costs associated with lost or missing documents, manual labor to maintain paper files as well real estate costs associated with office files and storage facilities. Once your business critical documents are digitized and securely stored, who new opportunities to save emerge in the way of process/document automation.


Electronic Content Management (ECM) systems, sometimes called document management systems are the primary means we use to scan, store and retrieve documents electronically. With the ECM platform in place, we can now automate your existing business processes. Documents that would otherwise be subject to manual routing and distribution can now be routed electronically to all members of a given workflow or business process. Substantial cost improvement results from the reduced cycle time and managers now have a level of visibility into the process that would otherwise be impossible. Management now has a dashboard view of the process; including who has the next action step and how long have they had it. Notifications and escalations ensure that your processes don’t get bogged down through in attention or oversight. The good news is that the cost of these systems is frequently less than the current costs associated with your paper-based system.


We want to help you leverage the investment you now have in your line of business applications. Our ECM systems are designed to be integrated with your ERP and other business applications. We look to apply the best fit solution for integration based upon your needs. Employees whose worldview is based on the line of business application can have the access they need to documents and workflows at the click of a button. With Outlook integration, many of our administrative users never leave their familiar Outlook system; document can be drag and dropped into the ECM system or workflow. From simple to complex, we have the tools to integrate with your existing systems, such as Epicor, Lawson, SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics and more.

We do this via a formal four step process that is designed to ensure that we are responding to your needs:

From needs analysis to delivery and beyond, we are working with you to ensure that we have met or exceeded your expectations.

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